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Thinking about a garden pond?

Enjoy the sight and sound of cascading water, watch the fish and frogs frolic through the beautiful blooming water lilies, experience the underwater lighting as you relax with a water feature right in your own back yard.


Eddies Aquarium has been helping many capital district home owners create beautiful low maintenance water features at their home. For those of you who desire the lifestyle with out the work, our sister company, The Water Garden Co., has the experience to design and build a beautiful water feature for you. The Water Garden Company also offers various pond maintenance programs.

Considerations when designing your water feature.

WaterGardens are typically 2 feet deep which will allow Pond Fish (Excluding Large Koi) to winter over in the Capital District area (Zone 4-5). Water Gardens rely more heavily on natural filtration through aquatic plants than do Koi ponds.


Koi Ponds should be 3-5 feet deep and best results are achieved when a bottom drain is installed. Koi ponds will require better filtration to maintain maximum water quality due to the fact that Koi love to eat plants. Also, ponds deeper than two feet may require fencing depending on your local building code.














Consider positioning your water feature where it will be visible from as many areas as possible. Viewing (and hearing) your pond from inside as well as outside is certainly a plus. 

Electricity is a must, and we recommend a dedicated GFCI circuit be used for safety. Consult a licensed electrician for a recommendation. 


For the do it yourselfer Eddies offers many FREE seminars (see the schedule) through out the season to help you with every step. We have the systems and formulas in place that really work to help you maintain a healthy system that is truly easy to care for.


Do it your self pond kits 



Average Depth

Approximately Capacity

Kit Price

6 ft.

8 ft.

2.5 ft.

630 Gal


8 ft.

8 ft.

2.5 ft.

885 Gal.


10 ft

12 ft

3.0 ft.

1900 Gal.


12 ft

16 ft

3.0 ft.

3000 Gal.


All Kits contain components that we have tested and found work well together to achieve maximum results. Most contain the following materials and equipment. You can be confident that we will recommend the right equipment and advice to achieve the results you desire.


Material List

  • Liner - 45mil Firestone Pond Guard Rubber
  • Underliner - protects liner from sharp objects and prevents over stretching
  • Biological Filter
  • Flexible Piping
  • Skimmer
  • Properly Sized Pump
  • You will need natural stone depending on what type of design you are thinking.


Local Rock Suppliers

  • Troy's Landscape Supply, Cohoes, NY 518-785-1526
  • Adam Ross Stone, Albany, NY 518-463-6674
  • Zwack Decorative Stone, Voorheesville, NY 518-765-3606
  • Georges Market and Nursery, Latham, NY 518-785-4210



Have us build a water feature for you...

The Water Garden Company has been creating award winning garden pond designs since 1992. Our designs use state of the art equipment and construction techniques to deliver a truly low maintenance water feature.

 We offer on site design consultations within a driving radius of 30 minutes from our Cohoes location for a fee of $85.00. Pricing outside this area is slightly higher. During the consult we will discuss size, location, budget, maintenance and come up with a unique design that looks like it was created by Mother Nature on your site. We can usually estimate the cost at this time and will provide a written contract. We honor all manufacturer warrantees and guarantee our work for one full year. Prices typically include a beautiful waterfall, pond liner, underliner, filter system, all natural stone, aquatic plantings and fish.

Contact us by email:
Contact us by phone: (518)-783-3437 option 5


 Sample Prices

 We start with a Baby Pond which includes a natural rock water fall and a pond that fits in an area approximately 4 feet by 8 feet. (Like a sheet of plywood.)

 Baby Ponds start at $2,999.


Other Sizes



Average Depth

Installed Price

8 feet

12 feet

2 feet


10 feet

15 feet

2 feet


15 feet

20 feet

3 feet



Like to Add a Stream? A 10 foot natural stream with several additional waterfalls can be added for approximately $750.00




As a full service contractor we also offer

  • pond side professional landscaping services
  • electrical installation
  • underwater lighting
  • natural stone patios

Sample Prices assume easy access to the site and reasonably easy digging. Other factors may affect the price after a site consultation.


Swimming Pool Waterfalls


We also offer custom designed pool waterfalls which use pool water to create a stunning display. Check out our photos: 





Click here to check our latest Youtube pond video

Pond & Lake Management

With our strong understanding of water quality management we are well suited to assist you with

  • Bottom Aeration Systems
  • Floating Fountains
  • Algae & Weed Control
Coming Soon - Natural Swimming Ponds!

 Just a little sample of what we can do.... Click any image below




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