Lighting Accessories

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  • EcoTech Marine Reef Link

    EcoTech Marine Reef Link

    ReefLink provides completely wireless access to the world of EcoSmart Live, the web-based aquarium command center from EcoTech Marine.
  • Aquatic Illumination Prime HD

    Aquatic Illumination Prime HD

    With new HD (Hyper Drive) technology you can now transfer power from one channel of LED's to another to give more power to the channels that your tank may need. HD technology also allows you to create almost any spectrum you wish with the easy to use MyAI app and AiFi wireless connection, it is by far one of the fastest and easiest lights to connect to and control from anywhere in the world.

    Great for tanks up to 24" x 24"


    Hyper Drive Technology - Allows the transfer of overall power to the LED's that need it.
    WIFI based programming - That means no separate controller is required to program the light. You can do so right from your phone or computer via WIFI!
    Spectrum - As with all of the Aqua Illimunation family of lights, the Prime continues in the full spectrum footsteps with the colors that your reef needs.
    Affordable - One of the best "bang for your buck" options available to date.

    Starting at: $199.99

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