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Since 1975, Eddie’s has been a family run business that takes great pride in providing upstate NY and parts of New England with the best animals, accessories and advice anywhere. We cater to first time hobbyist as well as long time enthusiasts. Our goal is to help you achieve success with the fascinating hobbies of aquarium and pond keeping.

Beware of the FREE goldfish... back in 1970, my younger sister was given a goldfish as a gift. My dad & I reallyenjoyed watching the fish, and within 2 weeks we went to W.T. Grant (remember them?) and bought a 20-gallon setup. Well, the hobby bug really bit us and within 2 years we had over 80 tanks set up in the basement. We were breeding more than 10 varieties of freshwater fish and experimenting with keeping saltwater fish alive. In 1969, we opened Crailo Aquarium in Rensselaer. That business was sold and eventually closed. In 1975, we opened Eddies Aquarium Centre in the '76 Shoppers Village (Old Tops building) in Mid City Shopping Center in Menands, NY.

 In 1992, we moved to route 9 in Latham. In 2003, we purchased the former Cinnamon Tree Restaurant building and converted it to a state of the art aquarium and water garden retail facility.

Through the years our goal has been to provide our customers with high quality products that we have tested and used ourselves. We work hard to provide healthy animals, and our crew is second to none. Our staff consists of well-trained aquatic hobbyists who know and love what they do. Our job is to make your hobby a pleasure.

Best fishes, 

Ed Duncan Jr. 

Ed Duncan Sr. (Popsie) 
Vice President

May 1921-March 2009

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